Just for a While


She Was Blown like a Jaunty River
Everybody Wanted to Wash Away Their Sins, but Nobody Tried to Clean the Mess Around Her

She Stood like a Mountain
Everybody Wanted to Climb High, but Nobody Saw the Volcano Inside Her

She Was as Shiny as a Summer’s Day
Everybody Wanted to Warm Their Body, but Nobody Felt the Fire She Was Burning From

She Was like a Long Dusty Road Home
Everybody Reached to Their Destination Through Her, but Nobody Stayed with Her for a While

She Was like an Open Sky
Everybody Looked up and Shouted in Joy, but Nobody Felt the Moisture of Her Teary Eyes

She Was Rooted Deeper like an Old Oak Tree
Everybody Rested under Her Sweet Shadow, but Nobody Thought of the Tornado She Was Dealing With

She Was like a Beautiful Flower in the Rain
Everybody Tried to Pluck Her to Decorate Their Home, but Nobody Cared She Was Dying Inside

She Never Expected to Be Loved by Everyone…
She Never Wanted to Laugh Every Time..
She Never Asked Anyone to Stay Forever..
She Never Wanted to Be Taken Care of Sweetly..

All She Wanted to Be Understood…Understood for a While…


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