Raise the Bar

A few days ago, I met an old friend of mine after so long. I certainly realised that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, how often we stopped rendezvousing. Belonging to the middle class, we too had to face many financial challenges where our social lives stuck between being mad with what we have and struggling for what we did not. Moreover, I was no different. Although, that flocking was not the long one, but was long enough for me to realise what has been changed. There was a time when we used to rendezvous for hours and talked nonsense. Now, we had only a few minutes, and we discussed only concerns and career. Life has now been more egregious than we ever thought it would be.

Even though the meeting was short, the memories were still in my mind. I was probably awake, but the thoughts and reveries were not letting me up. I might be sleeping, but the differences that our lives have given us throughout these years were not either letting me sleep. The reminiscences of what we were then versus what we are today were striking my mind constantly.

That short conversation with him was so influential that I thought to share his story with the internet world through my blog.

So, here is the short, not so powerful and inspirational, but a quite sublime story of Vipin Tamta.

Imaginary Career Planning VS Reality Check

As far as I can remember, Vipin was the same guy who, in childhood, always dreamt of becoming a scientist as every other guy used to be back then in the 90s. When asked if, for any reason, he would not succeed in becoming a scientist, what would he do? He always replied with a giggle “Then, I would become an automobile engineer and design most ground-breaking cars that automotive industry has ever produced”. While bragging about his future goals, he must have not even realised that he could become one of the most renowned hairstylists of his age. Yeah, but it did not happen abruptly. He had to give up quite a few things he loved the most, faced his family’s and relatives’ condemn, sacrificed his sleep, abandoned his social life, friends and networks.

So, how did it happen?

Despite the fact that he had a keen interest in science and technology, he ended up pursuing art school. As most of the middle-class teens do, he also started his career after completing 10+2 at very young age. He began his career with working in BPO and continued to work for almost three years. Three years was a very long span of time, which his irresistible urge to do something creative and astonishing had not prevented him from doing something he meant for. His hunger to do something artistic and visionary hauled him into the field of coiffure.

However, it was never an easy decision for him to take overnight. After all, it was the decision that could predict his entire life. Recalling his memories, he says, “It took me two weeks to discuss my future plans with my family even after making my decision”. He somehow managed the courage to talk to his family and shared his unquenchable inquisitiveness to become a hairstylist.

 Bumps in the road

Though he is a maestro at present, the journey of his prominence was not that easy-peasy how it seems to be today. While talking about his struggling phase, Vipin says, “Right from the day when I began; I could hardly manage to sleep for only 3 hours a day, and now when I sleep until 11 AM, every memory of my journey is quite interesting.”

Notwithstanding the approval of his family, he took the risk and chose the field of hairstyling. Every known person he thought would help him achieve his goal, cast him away in his earlier days of struggle. Now, he had so many things to take care of by himself. He had to manage his finances, leave his swanky lifestyle, and manage his time to be more productive and so on.

En Route to Success

Despite all these setbacks, he started out towards his goals with more dedication and enthusiasm. He first enrolled himself in one of the most prominent hairdressing schoolsPivot Point Academy. Upon completion of the course, he got his first job in Dar Salon as an assistant in this very field. Recalling the tough times he faced, Vipin discloses, “I had to adhere to everyone’s command then. I had to weed out unsanitary trolleys and chairs, broom the floor and all the other kinds of stuff to maintain hygiene in the salon.”

After spending a year in Dar Salon, he then moved up to Toni & Guy as an assistant, which was the only goal he had in mind right from the day he began his hairstyling career. Afterwards, he joined Sylvie’s Designer Salon where he honed his skills and never looked back. Joining Sylvie’s proved to be a stepping stone in his life where he gained confidence, groomed himself and became qualified enough to make it to any prominent salons across the country. Next, he enrolled himself as a hairstylist in Tony & Guy Hair Salon that almost every other hairdresser aims to achieve, which, according to him, was apparently his greatest accomplishment.

Although he started earning handsome money, his parents and kin still were not happy with his choice of profession. While refreshing those harsh memories where he had to face the discourtesy of his beloved ones, Vipin says, “I have been in the industry for almost 5 years, but still, I couldn’t convince my parents to let me do what I am good at.” While he sometimes feels blue of recalling such moments, he is still content with what he has achieved so far. When asked about how he sees himself today, Vipin proudly says, “I am more than satisfied with what I have made so far. I am proud of myself that having so many obstacles and barriers in my road to success, I did not stop and proved those people wrong who used to laugh at me.” Today, Vipin enjoys what he has achieved so far and still working hard for his future goals.

The story of Vipin’s life is no different than most of us. What makes him different from us is his dedication and hard work that made him qualified enough to inspire rest of us. His enthusiasm and zeal to be distinctive were so influential that it encouraged me to evaluate myself as a person. The difference between where I used to stand a few years ago and where I stand right now showed me how much I had changed myself throughout these years. However, there is a long way to go. After all the assessments and appraisals, what I learnt is that never just be satisfied with what you have accomplished and always try to make it to the next level.

“Success is not a destination, but a journey. We should never abandon ourselves but always raise the bar.”

India Hairdressing Awards 2016-17



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  1. A lovely read! Not only inspires one to ‘dare to dream’ but, also takes one back to value of conversations that are much needed to stir the soul 🙂


    1. Thank you @paradoxequinox 🙂


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