Cos, I’m Just a Human

I’m sorry that I’m not the morning dew, which looks pretty on the green

I’m sorry that I’m not like a raindrop, that you can see through me

I’m sorry that I’m not like an autumn leaf, that is left to sweep

I’m sorry that I’m not like a falling snow, that you can feel so deep

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Just for a While

She Was Blown like a Jaunty River
Everybody Wanted to Wash Away Their Sins, but Nobody Tried to Clean the Mess Around Her

She Stood like a Mountain
Everybody Wanted to Climb High, but Nobody Saw the Volcano Inside Her

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Do you still need them?

The people you thought would be there for you always!

The people who promised to be with you always!

The people for whom you fought against the world!

The people who used to be everything for you!

The people you trusted upon more than yourself!

The people you cared about more than yourself!

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