Platform Number 5

The Day Has Finally Come!
And Those Heavenly 20 Minutes…

Cos, I’m Just a Human

I’m not the morning dew,
I’m not like a raindrop,
I’m not like an autumn leaf,
I’m not like a falling snow,
I’m not the tears of joy,
But Baby..I’m Sorry That I’m Just a Human And, Humans Don’t…..

Mahabharata: The Ancient Game of Thrones

Remember those Sunday mornings when our 11 AM slot used to be booked for DD National to listen to that baritone voice of Mr Harish Bhimani narrating “Main Samay Hu”.

Raise the Bar

Success is not a destination, but a journey. We should never abandon ourselves but always raise the bar.

Do you still need them?

Do you still need them? Or the life has now taken a tremendous turn? No, now you don’t need them anymore! Now finally you’ve got to know what life is!

Just for a While

She Was Blown like a Jaunty River, She Stood like a Mountain, She Was as Shiny as a Summer’s Day, She Was like a Long Dusty Road Home, She Was like an Open Sky